Our experienced sales team is on hand to offer advice on our range of leaded, phosphor and aluminium bronzes which are all certified and fully traceable.

In addition to our standard stock range we can supply bespoke castings in either centrifugally or continuously cast condition to any size or volume.

Raw materials

Leaded (Tin) Bronze

SAE660 / C93200

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Easily machinable

  • Free cutting

  • Good load carrying capacity and thermal conductivity

  • Bronze with a high lead content offers good lubricity

  • Commonly used in the manufacture of bushes, bearings and wear plates

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Phosphor Bronze

  • Hard wearing bronze containing a small amount of phosphorus

  • High fatigue resistance

  • High tin content reduces the risk of corrosion

  • Phosphorus increases wear resistance

  • Commonly used in manufacture of bearings, sleeves, thrust washers and gears

Aluminium Bronze

  • Aluminium is the main alloying metal added to copper in contrast to standard bronze (copper/tin)

  • Higher strength and corrosion resistance compared to other bronzes

  • Resistance to corrosion in seawater

  • Material reacts with atmospheric oxygen to create a tough layer of aluminium oxide

  • Commonly used in the marine sector, oil and petrochemical industries (non sparking environments)

  • Used in the manufacture of valves and fasteners


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